What to Do if a Hummingbird is Injured?

What to Do if a Hummingbird is Injured?

Hummingbirds are undoubtedly some of the most exquisite and intriguing birds on the planet. These diminutive beings are renowned for their extraordinary aerial capabilities and the characteristic droning sound they produce. However, despite their remarkable dexterity and power, hummingbirds are occasionally subject to injury. Should you happen upon an injured hummingbird, there are certain measures you can take to assist it.


1. Evaluate the Situation

The first step is to evaluate the situation and determine the extent of the hummingbird's injuries. If the bird appears to be unconscious or gravely injured, it may be most prudent to promptly notify a wildlife rehabilitation facility. If the bird seems to be alert and awake, you may proceed to the following step.

2. Secure the Bird

To secure the hummingbird, you will need to employ a net or towel. Slowly and carefully approach the bird and gently toss the net or towel over it. Ensure that you use a soft and delicate touch to avoid worsening the bird's condition. Once you have secured the bird, cautiously place it in a small container with ventilation holes, like a shoebox.

3. Offer Assistance

Hummingbirds possess a very high metabolism, so it's essential to provide them with sustenance and hydration as soon as possible. You can create a basic sugar water solution by mixing one part white granulated sugar with four parts boiling water. Allow the mixture to cool before presenting it to the bird. You may also offer the bird small pieces of fruit, like apples or bananas.

4. Contact a Wildlife Rehabilitation Facility

Even if the hummingbird appears to be recuperating, it's crucial to immediately contact a wildlife rehabilitation center. These facilities possess the expertise and resources to provide the bird with optimal care and can also help determine if the bird is healthy enough to be reintegrated into its natural habitat.

To conclude, if you come across an injured hummingbird, it's imperative to act expeditiously and provide the bird with the necessary care. Remember to evaluate the situation, secure the bird gently, offer sustenance and hydration, and contact a wildlife rehabilitation facility for further assistance. With proper care and attention, injured hummingbirds can recuperate and once again flourish in their natural environment.

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