Here we attach the detailed installation video process link for you:

1. It is recommended to install one of the gasket points first, then push the rest of it so that the entire gasket fits the base.

2. Press the metal cover onto the red bottom; the seal ring and the metal cover are tightly bonded.

3. Keep the base pressed tight, make the base and the glass bottle spiral connection.

Placement of feeder is an essential part of feeding. We couldn't just hang the feeder where birds do not come at all or don't have the idea.

a. Look for areas near flowers that hummingbirds are already visited. And place it close to shelter or perching areas, such as trees or shrubs.

b. Try to hang the feeder input feeders in the shade but don't compromise on visibility.

c. Hang the feeder where you can easily approach the feeder for refilling and cleaning.

1.  Make sure the feeder hanging on the right place, refer to the last question"Instrustions for hanging".


2.  Replace nectar

Especially in hot weather when your feeder is no placed in the shade, nectar spoils very quickly. It may cause harmful effects on birds.

The time of replacement depends upon the weather and feeder's placement. When you see the nectar is cloudy or changed color, replace it!


3.  Be Patient

When you start the first time, the hummingbirds don't become familiar with your feeder, so that it may take some time. But once the birds found this feeder; they will come again and again to drink. You can also determine if they visited by looking at the loss of nectar in the bottles.  


There some tips to clean feeders:

1. It is recommended to use a soft cloth and vinegar solution to clean it. But DO NOT use the HOT WATER; it will deform the gasket and broke the glass.

2. The feeder comes with a small brush for cleaning the feeding hole.

3. The glass part is dishwasher safe. But DO NOT wash the base with a dishwasher.

We suggest cleaning the feeder every 2-3 days.  

If the feeder is hanging, using an ant moat can completely solve this problem. It recommends to add water or oil in ant moat's cup, and hang the feeder under it.