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Excellent purchase

I purchased two replacement bases for my feeders. They were a few years old and needed a facelift. Makes my feeders look brand new. Excellent purchase and the shipping was very fast. Great customer service too!

Awesome look

The feeder is well made and beautifully decorated to attract hummingbirds. We had activity the first day we hung our feeder.



Replacement Base

My other base rusted out so I had to replace it and I got this one. When I tried it with my hummingbird feeder I didn't twist it on tight enough and it leaked but I tried it again and twisted it on tighter and it seems to be doing great!

It was a gift fro my wife, and she loves it.

Hummingbird feeders

Quality service and feeders. Have 10 now and wish I had more hummers.

Great Replacement Part

The part was exactly what it should be. Just hope it does not rust as easily as the original part.

Found the Perfect Hummingbird Feeder

I purchased the hand blown feeder with the built in mote. It is terrific. Not only is it beautiful but it is designed to function well. I always had problems with ants getting into the feeder because the note was hard to reach and/or fill. This feeder has it built in. As a real plus, the company has replacement parts for sale. Great find and buy.


I put my feeder out and within 5 minutes had a hummingbird. I’m thrilled .

Fantastic Hummingbird Feeder

Our neighborhood Hummingbirds love our new feeder. We are seeing an increase in their visits and the length of their stay. They like the little perch so they don’t need to spend all their energy hovering. We like that it does not leak and attract bees. It is very attractive and comes with a small brush to keep it clean. We like it so much that we ordered a second one.

The one-of-a-kind intriguing hummingbird feeder.

Really beautiful quality work. Lovely piece to display in my garden.

Awesome Service

thank you! Exactly what I was looking for. Appreciate the promptness too.

Always Beautiful!

This is my second hummingbird feeder that I have purchased from Muse. They are just beautiful works of art and the hummingbirds love them!

Very nice

Was exactly as advertised and lovely. Thank you.

Love It

I set out the feeder and two days later I noticed my first visit from a Ruby -throated hummingbird family. They visit many times each day and they visit every single day.

What I particularly love, in addition to the beautiful design, is the ease in cleaning this feeder. When the glass holder screws off from the base the entire bottom of the feeder can be throughly cleaned. It comes with a cleaning brush for the feeding ports and three different apparatuses for hanging the feeder. I am very pleased.

Love my new hummingbird feeder

Great product! I love it and so do the hummingbirds!!!

Good quality

I was impressed with the quality. It was pretty and didn't leak. My only critique is the hook seemed a bit dangerously wide open, so I had to manually bend it a bit to close it to keep the feeder more secure.

Hummingbirds love this new feeder and so do I.

Excellent and beautiful feeder

Our hummers prefer this feeder to our other feeders, especially because they are lazy and love to perch while feeding!

The happy hummingbird

My little friends love their new feeder. I love it because it is very pretty and functional.

Hand-Blown Humor Feeder

Arrived in great condition - with additional cleaning brush, hemp rope to use if wanted, ant trap, etc. Was more than I expected and grateful for the additional items!

Lovely hanging in my yard...