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Humming Birds don't seem to like the Feeder. They prefer the cheap Home Depot one better

Glass hummingbird feeder

Beautiful and easy to fill.

Hummingbird feeder

Very pretty, good quality glass. Nicely made. Liked all the options for hanging the feeder and the little brush to clean the feeding ported.


I am delighted with quality and beauty of the glass hummingbird feeder and I am so glad I ordered it


A Garden Lover

A beautiful new feature to my back yard. The local hummingbirds have already found it and seem to approve!

Muse Garden Hummingbird Feeder for Outdoors, Hand Blown Glass, 32 Ounces, Rhapsody

Beautiful hummingbird feeder!

The colors of these hummingbird feeders are so vibrant! I was so pleased with the first one I bought that I promptly ordered another! The orders were both processed and shipped very promptly, and they arrived within 2-3 days. Very securely packed to prevent breakage.
I was so excited to see the first feeder get discovered in its new location under my front porch and wisteria within 2 days. Now to wait for the spring blooms of the fragrant wisteria! It should be hummingbird heaven!

Hummingbird feeder

Will know how good it is after the hummingbirds start coming

Love this feeder!

These feeders are beautiful and very functional. They are easy to fill and have feeding ports and perches that hummingbirds enjoy. The internal gasket around the bottom really prevents the liquid food from seeping out, eliminating the problem of ants and bees. We have 5 of these and have been very happy with them!

Second one!

Need more hooks, these are cool to look at and seem to hold up pretty well

Love it, and the birds love it more!

Nicely made and love the perches for the hummingbirds to drink. They visit frequently and now spend more time among the garden flowers as well.

Beautiful colors !

Humming birds love coming to feeder and it’s not even Spring yet . Can’t wait !

Really Beautiful

These are the best looking hummingbird feeders ever.

Beautiful Hummingbird Feeder

I absolutely love my bird feeder! It’s right outside my kitchen window. Sparkles in the morning sunlight, beautiful colors, so vivid. I must have 200 birds daily. I have also purchased as gifts for friends who’ve admired my feeder. Highly recommend. You won’t be disappointed ❤️❤️

Beautiful birdfeeder. Looks like a work of art.

Have not used the hummingbird feeder yet as the weather is still cold, but looking forward to hanging it out by our deck when warm weather arrives. Beautiful and seems to be well-made.

Hummingbird feeder

I originally purchased one Muse Garden feeder and was so happy with it (also received rave reviews from the hummingbirds) that I purchased another. They are beautiful and well made.

Hummingbird feeder

I love the feeder which is absolutely beautiful! I received It very quickly and it was packaged very well!

Our resident sweetheart seems to like it’s improved ports for feeding.

It’s been cold here in the PNW so some mornings the nectar is frozen. I hear the sounds of an indignant hummingbird bird telling me to thaw it out!
The new gasket and brass ports do seem better and I have hopes for no rust on the metal in a short time. Our feeder is a bright spot in the winter garden and a joy to see how resilient those tiny bits are!


All of your Muse Garden Hummingbird feeders I have ordered have been unique with vibrant colors and excellent quality.

Glass hummingbird feeder

I love my feeder. It’s so beautifully made and when my hummingbirds land on it, it’s a magical experience! 🥰

Better design-fits perfectly!

Fits perfectly with our older glass container. This newer design doesn’t leak and the hummers seem to like the perches.

Peaceful serenity

I purchased the hummingbird feeder for my brother’s 75th birthday. He loved it and I know it will bring peace and tranquillity to his garden space.

Beautiful feeder

We are very happy to have a second Muse hummingbird feeder - the birds are enjoying it too.

Beautiful colors

The colors of this humming bird feeder reflect so beautifully in the sunlight, gorgeous design and seems sturdy(I've had it only for a month though).