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Love it

This feeder is beautiful, might be buying another soon. The base shape makes it a bit harder to fill than my others but that’s my only negative.

Love the feeders . They can actually set and drink at the same time.

Bee Guards

Lovely feeder but the Humming Birds do not like the Bee Guards.. maybe you should offer with or without..

Beautiful craftsmanship!

Love my two feeders. The hummers arrived the day after I hung them. I was very late in the season but I am ready for next Spring.

Totally worth it

Keeps bees out, thicker paint, better gasket...definite improvement!

brian pixley ca

love muse garden everyone asks where i get my humming bird feeders and i send them to you guys.

Love the Hummingbird feeders

The hummingbird feeders are so beautiful and I love watching those little birds fly like a little dive, bombers all around them. Please keep this up. I have given several as gifts, and everyone has always enjoyed receiving them.

Very pleased and so are the hummingbirds!

I have never had hummingbird feeder’s because I have planted flowers to attract them. After visiting a friend who has a feeder I decided to try having two feeders . I love the weight and colors and design of these blown glass feeders. Beautiful to look at and easy to care for. I’m watching the hummers right now early on a foggy morning. I wish I’d started sooner.

Beautiful Feeder

These are stunning, reasonably priced and arrive quickly. I’ve given several as gifts. My only suggestion is to put the loose hanging materials in a package/bag.

It is the hummers favorite feeder, most frequently used.

Beautiful feeder!

I bought this beautiful hummingbird feeder as a gift and it was a huge hit!

Beautiful Feeder, Base Issues

Muse Garden feeders are beautiful but the humming birds do not like the new bases as well as the old ones. We have old and new bases and the feeders with the old bases draw more birds and are empty when the feeders with the new base are still full. Need to go back to the old bases.

Gorgeous feeder

The hand blown glass feeders are absolutely beautiful and the hummers love it!

i love these!

these two are number 5 and 6 that I have bought. I love them and have given two away to people who also love them. I have quite an active yard with hummers crossing back and forth, from one to the other feeders all day long.
It's quite a show! Love these and highly recommend them!

Glass hummingbird feeder

Beautiful glass hummingbird feeder. I love the colors and the company shipped it out very fast. Will be buying more for Christmas presents!!

Wonderful, the birds love it and so do I.


Beautiful and unique. I bought two as gifts and they are loving them. So happy to have found this site. I’ll be back for Christmas gifts…

Quite lovely

I really love this feeder. I like the built in ant moat. I'm thinking of getting another one (or two).

Love my hummingbird feeder

It is beautiful

Hummingbird Feeders

I absolutely love the feeders. The glass colors are beautiful, I purchased 3 and now I have 5 feeders. Ended up with 19 hummingbirds this year!

Hummingbird feeder

Excellent feeder, instantly a hit with our male ruby throats.

It’s beautiful & most important hummingbirds love it

They are really nice and the hummingbirds are loving them.