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Love this blown glass feeder!

This feeder is absolutely beautiful. The price is fair and the feeders are tremendous.

Vastly improved base

Muse garden is terrific, but these new bases are greatly improved. The older bases tended to corrode after a season of heavy use, but these look much more weather and wash resistant. Looking forward to seeing the hummers delight in the new design this spring!

Love these feeders

These feeders are beautiful to look at and attract the hummingbirds!

Replacement Base for Feeder

I’ve been looking everywhere for a replacement base for my Muse Feeder, you have it and I found it! Thank you for offering replacement parts so we and the hummers can continue enjoying their feeders!

Happy wife

These are very nice, I’m sure you can pay more and be just as pleased with what you get, I bought two because we usually have two hanging potted flowers and I got sick of watering them every other day. Wife’s so happy with how pretty they are she didn’t even realize I traded a every other day chore for an every 4-7 day chore. They look great.


The item arrived packaged really well. The blown-glass is beautiful. The hummingbirds have been enjoying it!

It's beautiful

Feeder is made of beautiful glass, and came with hooks and directions to use. And inexpensive imho.

Christmas gifts

I’ve enjoyed the 2 I have that I’m giving them as Christmas gifts.

Muse Garden Hand Blown Glass Hummingbird Feeder, 32 Ounces, Fantasy Mermaid

Love it!!!

This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. The hummingbirds LOVE it! So do I!!!


Absolutely the most amazing Blown Glass Feeder I've ever seen or owned!!! The first night was extremely rough on our new Muse Garden Hummingbird Feeder. It fell (with the bracket) from our 3rd floor patio balcony railing to the ground and bushes below. The bracket came loose (from the weight) and fell 3 floors. It Did Not Break!!! The Base was intact, and most of the juice remained in the glass orb itself. From the balcony above, I originally thought someone climbed the building and stole the whole thing, because it wasn't visible from the patio. When I did go down to investigate, I was shocked to see it intact and on the ground under the bushes. The bracket was actually in the bushes. Both are mounted more securely now and back on the job... keeping our little flying neighbors well fed. They really love the very colorful display the glass shows off in the sunlight. The four perches provides family friendly feeding... no waiting! One of my best purchases ever!!!

Muse Garden Hummingbird Feeder Original Replacement Part Upgrade Thicker Seal Ring, 4 Pack


I absolutely love this product and so do my hummers !!!! I have 2 hummingbird feeders for myself and my last purchase was a gift for a friend. I highly recommend Muse Garden. They rock !!!

Muse Garden Hummingbird Feeder Original Replacement Part Base

Bees !

Bees? With the "Bee Guard" I have bees surrounding the flower stations! I hose them off, but they return! What can I do please.

Great for gift or auction.

This is the fourth hummingbird feeder I have bought from you. I give them as gifts and the last one was for my 50th high school auction. Everyone loves them!!!!!

I absolutely love this feeder. It’s the most complete feeder with all the hooks and a moat to catch ants. It’s both beautiful and functional.


My Muse Garden hummingbird feeder is beautiful! I actually have not used it yet - I do not want to hang it up the first time in the cold. I will save it for the spring. It seems like it will be just fine.

Beautiful feeder

My second feeder from Muse garden. So beautifully made and my hummingbirds love them too!

Beautiful Hummingbird Feeder

I have purchased 3 beautiful feeders from Muse Garden. The prices are amazingly low and very fast delivery. The decorative glass is solid and the entire feeder is well built. A gorgeous addition to my garden and my hummingbirds love it!

Very pretty but .....

The feeders have beautiful colors and seem well made. The seams on each side from the mould you use was a disappointment. And, I know this sounds awful but I gave one as a gift and I was hesitant to use the box marked " Made in China", unfortunately that still has a perception of being made cheaply.

Beautiful and Sturdy

I love these feeders! They are made beautifully, the feeder flowers are durable and I know will last much longer than the typical feeders out there. Very happy with my purchase!

Beautiful and Hummingbirds agree

Shipped immediately AND packaged securely and professional. Directions included that were easy to read and follow.
I will buy another

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