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Where is the best place to hang a hummingbird feeder?

While every yard is different, certain factors influence where to hang hummingbird feeders. Hummingbirds who take note of those factors will be able to better position feeders to appeal to more hummingbirds. Give hummingbirds an easy, safe place to rest.


Hummingbirds have keen eyesight, but a feeder that is tucked under a deep roof or hidden in dense foliage can easily be overlooked. Hang feeders in shadow dappled sunlight to get reflections, so it's more easily seen and will attract hummingbirds' attention to fly nearby.  It’s also recommended to put it in a place where there are flowers, which attracts hummingbirds more. However, the area near the flowers also attracts bees, so be careful to protect bees.



It's best to place hummingbird feeders within easy reach so you are able to clean and refill them frequently. Not so high that it is difficult to take down. Put feeders near decks, patios, or paths rather than deep in garden beds. If the feeders are convenient, you will be able to maintain them better.

hummingbird feeder


Hummingbird feeders should always be hung high enough that cats or other predators will not be able to jump at feeding birds. The feeders should also be not very close to windows or far enough away. Birds can avoid the glass rather than risk collisions.



Nectar can spoil quickly on hot days, and if the feeder is in full sunlight all day long, it may not be suitable for hummingbirds for more than a day or two. Dappled shade under a tree is also better than full sunlight, and will still catch birds' attention. So Placing feeders in an area free from strong wind and out of direct sunlight minimizes spilled nectar and slows fermentation to keep nectar fresh and safe.



Although it is possible to minimize drips from hummingbird feeders, some leaks are bound to happen. Placing the feeder in an area protected from strong winds and big animals will help keep it from tipping, and the feeder should be set away from high traffic areas where it might get accidentally bumped. Protecting the feeder from the rain will also help keep nectar fresh and uncontaminated.

hummingbird feeder


6.Well-Spaced and Private

Hummingbirds frequently hover while feeding, and if a feeder is nestled into dense foliage, the birds will not have enough space to maneuver comfortably around the feeder. They will avoid feeding in areas where larger birds are active.  So put the feeders in a well-spaced distance. Also, if there are lots of hummingbirds, place several feeders throughout the yard so aggressive hummers have their own spaces to defend themselves.

hummingbird feeder


By the way, anywhere is a good place to put a hummingbird feeder if there isn't already one in the yard. Knowing where to place that first feeder, however, as well as many others that will surely follow, can help bring more hummingbirds to the yard for years of amazing enjoyment.

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