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Muse Garden Hand Blown Glass Hummingbird Feeder - 25 Ounces - Starry Night

Muse Garden Hand Blown Glass Hummingbird Feeder - 25 Ounces - Starry Night

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About Muse Garden
Muse Garden, as a design brand of hand-blown glass art, aims to bring you original designs by working with designers and artisans. They are highly talented and have over 30 years of experience.
We hope to use the hand-blown glass to decorate your courtyard and home.

Handmade for the unparalleled
Glass blowing is an ancient and magical art that originated in the 1st century B.C. Muse Garden's glass works are hand-crafted by artisans, with each product having unique color-ratio, pattern and shape.
During the manual blowing of the glass, the air cannot float, thus forming small bubbles. These bubbles represent the life of the glass.
The slight convex vertical line mark left on the glass during the blowing process, as well as the bubbles are proofs of hand-made craftsmanship.

Not only attracting, but also offering meticulous care to hummingbirds
- The base is equipped with perches for hummingbirds to rest instead of feeding when flying.
- Free from lead and other toxic substances, it is certified by the EU RoHS to ensure the safety of hummingbirds.

Other features
- The simple structure is easy to disassemble, the large bottle mouth easy to clean and easy to fill. The base is tightly sealed with a leak-proof gasket to prevent nectar from leaking.
- The durable glass is resistant to damage and fading. Compared with plastic bird feeders, it performs better in all weathers.

Nectar formula
Mix water and sugar in the ratio of 4:1, boil and wait for it to cool down completely before pouring it into the feeder.

What's in the Box
- 1 hummingbird feeder (removable glass bottle and base)
- 1 ant moat, 1 S hook, 1 hemp rope (to hang the bird feeder)
- 1 brush (to clean the feeding hole)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 83 reviews
Stacy S
Mother's Day Gift

She was so tickled and loves it. Thank you!

Michelle Lind
Garden favorite

We loved the first one so much, we bought a second!

Patricia Young
Love this feeder!

It's beautiful. I didn't realize it had perches when I bought it. The hummingbirds love the perches and stay longer!
Also, I didn't realize your company is in Akron, Ohio - my home town. Love the personal connection to this beautiful glass art that serves nature.

Beautiful hummer feeders

We recently bought 3 blown glass hummer feeders- all different, yet all very nicely done. The feeders come with a hook and twine to hang it and the glass work is quite special. We’re enjoying them.

Hummingbird feeder

Beautiful! Love it!